Until the other day’s denunciations, this have been a giddy period of gays.

Until the other day’s denunciations, this have been a giddy period of gays.

The chairman that is against homosexual marriages could perform with a ‘straight chap’ facelift, produces Maureen Dowd.

Why don’t we have it straight. The President as well as the Pope are not riding the homosexual revolution. “i really believe a marriage is actually between a man and a lady,” said George plant last week. “and that I imagine we must codify this 1 means or the various other. And we’ve have attorneys studying the easiest way to accomplish this.” Attempting to add a tolerant note to an intolerant rules, the guy said he was “mindful that we’re all sinners”.

Final time we examined, we’d divorce of church and state, and so I do not know precisely why the chairman is referring to sin, or the reason why he is implying that gays who want to create a permanent dedication in a world filled up with splitting up and loneliness are sinners.

Whenever we adhere Bush’s reason, shouldn’t we now have a one-strike-and-you’re-out constitutional amendment: no marriage for gays, but no 2nd relationships for straights who prove they aren’t up to it?

The Vatican, usually eager to erase contours between chapel and state, cautioned Catholic lawmakers it will be “gravely immoral” to vote for homosexual relationships or homosexual adoption – tinny preaching after revelations about homosexuality in the priesthood.

First the Great Legal blessing. Next Hollywood’s raft of gay-themed tasks, from J.Lo’s lesbian turn-in Gigli to your BravoTV fact reveals, Boy satisfies son and Queer vision for Straight Guy.

Queer attention, a facelift success, throughout the cover of amusement Weekly, features five homosexual guys

Perhaps we must pity Bush, stranded in the 1950s realm of hypermasculinity as his country goes homosexual and metrosexual (directly men with femme preferences, eg facials). Even uptight Wal-Mart shops has expanded antidiscrimination plan to protect homosexual workforce, and Bride’s mag offers their first ability on same-sex wedding parties.

Perhaps the chairman along with his sugardaddy swaggering circle should consider a Queer eyes makeover. I inquired a gay political reporter friend if the guy could possibly offer some tips:

Regarding the Vice-President: “I would love to read Dick Cheney with a pierced ear canal and a diamond stud. Or even in a body-hugging black T-shirt, only for the pure athletics of it. [And] he needs brand-new eyeglasses. About their hair, all I am able to offer are my personal honest regrets.”

If it came to the President’s possibilities, the guy had gotten actually excited: “Cowboy shoes were okay for a certain form of saucy backyard barbecue. But using them as much while he does, with those huge buckle buckles by means of Colorado, it looks like he’s trying too hard to show his maleness.

“His hair is too tightly clipped. It seems painted on. In which he’s a large squinter. The place of their sight are beginning to appear lined. Botox alert! The guy should drop in to the merciful arena of aesthetic services get himself of some type of lip balm or gloss that can help mask the truth that the guy missing their lips somewhere.

In open-collar t-shirts, he’s a little little area of missing chest area hair

“anything else about your merely shouts ‘butch, butch, butch!’ But to place Bush a metrosexual bone, when you see your walking off Air power One thereupon furball Barney under their supply, that canine puff of environment that many drag queens won’t become caught lifeless with, it is like he is halfway to a Chanel rabbit fur purse.

“plant do these an excellent job of seeming blissfully casual and vacantly bubbly he may as well run blond. It may advice about Ca’s electoral votes, too.”

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