Charms Innovations

Despite the deep origins in custom, the world of earrings is being substantially transformed by innovative new products and technology. These improvements are liberating style, stimulating beauty and building previously unthinkable structures — all when using the potential to enhance the way we think of jewels.

CAD and Swift Prototyping

The advent of laptop aided design and style (CAD) application and the connected fast prototyping processes — in essence the first instances of additive production – a new huge effect on this aspect of the jewellery market, initially permitting larger companies to purchase the technology and then steadily helping medium and small companies to maximise their particular production lines and increase collection roll-outs. By reducing the time it takes to produce wax or resin models for audition, this enables designers to optimise their creation lines and thereby preserve costs low and their collections competitive.

3D IMAGES Printing

This kind of cutting-edge charms production technology can be revolutionising how we design and make jewellery, enabling us to produce intricate details that would otherwise always be impossible or prohibitively costly to manufacture. This has lots of benefits, including significantly reduced development time and labor costs as well as the elimination of human problem.

Smart Charms

One of the biggest fashion in earrings is the launch of intelligent technology into pieces. This technology will make your jewellery react to your body motions and can even transform your diamond earrings into animated characters that dance with you or transfer sync with music.

Ethical Jewelry Innovative developments

There are a number of brands out there that have designed ethical aspects into their business design. This means that they are really using their products as a way to deposit projects in developing countries or to increase awareness of cultural and environmental issues. This is a powerful way to help people, and in addition it makes the products look more beautiful because they are made of top quality metals that happen to be environmentally friendly.